RigPi Downloads

RigPi Downloads include information, help and utilities designed for RigPi.

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RigPi Stack

RigPi Slide Show

Download the RigPi Station Server slide show in PDF format.

Download PDF Slide Show Presentation

RigPi Online Help

RigPi 3 Online Help

Open Online Help for RigPi 3. A PDF downloadable version is also available.

RigPi Online Help

RigPi PDF Help

RigPi 3 PDF Help

Download RigPi 3 Help in PDF format. An online version is also available.

RigPi Help in PDF Format

CommCat Mobile

RigPi Hub

Control RigPi at home or when away using your favorite Windows logging program.

Download RigPi Hub

CommCat Mobile

RigPi Schematics

Circuit schematics for the RigPi Audio and CW Keyer boards in PDF format..

Download RigPi Schematics
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Software for RigPi will be available on GitHub as a free, open-source download. Add your own features to RSS!

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